Share now, split later.

Share subscriptions with household members without revealing the password and create a custom subscription bundle. Later: split the total, save money.

FAQ: Is this legal?
Yes. The services we support allow users to share access with "Authorized Members" or household members. We ask that you share with only family, friends, and roommates that you share the same address with. Your ex doesn't count. Unless you still live together, but that's your fault.
How does it work?
Sync your subscriptions to Keyring.
Send invites
send invites to household or family members to access each other's services.
Share and Split
SAFELY Share access with household members. Later: Split the total.
Share access, not passwords.
Use Keyring to safely access services.

Support Keyring. What's next?
Shared splitting and subscription management.

No duplicates. No stress. No anxiety.