Kerying's mission, vision, and values.

🧭 Mission

Keyring exists to make imagination accessible.

Accessible how? Media is the manifestation of imagination. Keyring exists for ease of access (convenience) and economic accessibility (price).

🔭 Vision

Keyring's vision is to become the cable bundle for digital generation.

⚖️ Values & Principles

🧠 What we think, why we think that way

4 quarters > 10 dimes

In 2014, Whatsapp only had 55 employees before they sold to Facebook, and in 2012, Instagram only had 13. They supported millions of users, and since then, the tools have gotten faster and cheaper.

In practice, I believe that with the right people, we can make a giant consumer experience with a small, tight-knit group. Max 30, I'd say.

Creativity makes us indispensable

We will encounter copycats. This is a good thing. Any industry worth a damn has competition, and the reality is that both products in the market grow the market.

What copycats cannot copy is our team, approach, and vision.

On faith and belief

Who's more right: Jews or Christians? Both are equally right.

When you do what you believe, you are never wrong.

On originality, original thought, and insight

15 years ago, startups were badass, not the norm, and counterculture. Today, everyone's got a startup. Startups went "Pop"...

If startups are pop, we're Nirvana. — Chino

These pages (here, here) are accurate, but sadly accurate.

The nice man appearing at 0:38 represents most startups these days. They read the same blogs, attend the same conferences, have the same ideas, and it's misguided and the market doesn't need me-too companies. Don't be this guy 2:10, it's cringey, corny, and unoriginal.

Go with your gut, but try to find signal through data

Decisions can usually be boiled down to a 'hell yes' or 'no.'

The rational reason to go with your gut is that the part of your brain that processes information is less developer through evolution, in comparison to your 'feeling' part of the brain which kept humans alive long enough to evolve. If you can find signal (data) to support your claims and feel good about it, let's do it.

Think deeply about timing

When the the best time of day for you to do your best work? Learn how, and then tell us when.

When is the best timing for a company? Here's how to tell, maybe.

Weigh opinions, don't count them

Generally, someone's experience in a domain weighs their views heavier. But, really, no one actually knows, this just gets us close-ish to the truth.

On standards

Know the standards, hold the standards and/or beat them. Ignore everything else. In the event that there are no standards, make them up, but set them high.

Enthusiasm & Energy

Keep it light and upbeat, it's a force multiplier.


There is absolutely no room for humor at this company.

But really, can we, or do we, laugh, smile, and joke easily? If so, it makes work not feel like work.

🤝 People

It's about the (smart, hardworking, and kind) people you met along the way

I believe Keyring is a 10-year company. But if we are wrong, I would not regret our attempt and the by-product of life-long bonds. The truth is out: when people die, what mattered most to them is the relationships they had. If our plans fail, I hope that you can leverage the skills and relationships during your time at Keyring for the next chapter of your life.

No one is self made

The network of our team, our customers, and our partners is here to help you. Use it openly, but wisely.

Keep it real

People can smell when you're BS-ing, they don't even intellectualize it. Say what you need to say immediately to the market, the team, and yourself. The thing you're afraid to say usually swells into something you want, but don't have the courage to ask for, and that's how resentment is born.

Would I want ten of this person?

If no, then they're probably not a fit. If they suck, bet that who they attract will suck, too. Best to part ways and save them the trouble that excellence brings.

Intrinsic motivation > Extrinsic

Intrinsic motivations are pure, sustaining, and result in better performance.

🪓 How we work

Follow up, follow through, win

Close the feedback loop that drives your work forward, the ball should never be in your court.

Delay, lose

Procrastination is avoiding the feeling of responsibility a decision has. Own it and then decide.

Everything is a funnel, build luck (by motion)

If you have enough 'at-bats' you'll eventually find a hit, even if it's just luck.

Ship enough features, talk to enough customers, try enough marketing channels, ask for enough referrals, get enough leads, etc.

Zero points for effort

The market doesn't care how hard we try. They only care about how much better we make their lives. Either totally, or not at all.

It just has to look nice, and work.

Clean code, clean design, clean communication. Clean works.

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